Shouldn’t Everyone Get a Butler?

What’s SafeButler about? The idea originated from my own pain point. When I moved to California a few months ago, I had to switch auto insurance. Incredulously I found that the auto insurance shopping still sucked as it did 10 years ago. To really shop around, it came down to several hours of boring old-school phone calls to repeat the same info to multiple insurance agents. The Internet comparison sites were mostly bait-n-switch (for good reasons as I found out later). The prices they “quoted” were merely “estimates“. At the end of their flow, I was either given a “Call” button or sent to an insurance company’s website. This makes no sense. So I set out to solve my own problem.

For whatever reason, the picture of George Costanza pitching the butler idea jumped in my head. Hah, shouldn’t everyone get a butler? Think of Bill Gates. He probably has a butler handling insurance for him. Now how about giving everyone else an insurance butler too. Why not?

So SafeButler was born. We are making auto/home/renter insurance shopping/switching effortless for consumers. All you have to do is upload a few photos. We will get you real *guaranteed* quotes and make an intelligent recommendation. Once you approve the recommendation, we’ll automatically buy the new policy and cancel the old policy.

As your true butler, without any effort on your part, we will automatically and continuously review your coverage, shop around on your behalf and recommend better policies or coverage adjustments. So insurance shopping/switching/adjustment become a one-button tap for the rest of your life. Now that’s the butler I wished I had a few months ago. 🙂