Top 7 Tricks to Save Money on Auto Insurance

Top 7 Tricks to Save Money on Auto Insurance

Pay in full

A lot of people don't know that there is a substantial transaction fee if they pay with an installment plan. The amount of the transaction fee usually cost you a cup of coffee each month.

Go Paperless

Some providers provide a paperless discount if you choose. Save money by saving their cost and yours, to kill two birds with one stone.

Engineer? Master degree? Use it

Most companies provide significant discounts for your profession. When you apply for insurance, let the agents or quote system know your job and degree. Some companies offer up to 10%-15% discount on your premium.

Consider Tracking Devices

Quite a few companies now provide the tracking device discount if you opt-in. You can maximize your saving if you're willing to share your driving record with the company.

Never become uninsured

Most companies ask if you're currently insured when you apply, the discount for maintaining continuous insurance is usually affected by the liability coverage on your policy.

Use bundling discounts

Most major companies provide bundling discount if you buy multiple lines of insurance. For example, if you purchase renters insurance after auto insurance, you usually can save 5%-10% on your auto insurance bill.

Compare multiple carriers

The insurance industry is regulated to protect consumers. At any given time, some company may be able to provide a better price than the other given the regulations. You can use tools like SafeButler to compare multiple companies or agents to find the best quote suits your need.

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